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Chasing Tail is Like Straddling the Fence


The Pharisees came to Jesus demanding a sign, proof that Jesus was who He claimed to be, the Son of God, rightful heir to the kingdom; the transformer of lives; the restorer of life; deliverer, healer, Savior.

They asked questions of Him to trap Him; waiting for that “AHA” moment when they could proclaim to His followers that He was a fraud.  But Jesus knew their hearts.  He warned His disciples to be aware of their hypocrisy.  The leaven of the Pharisees He called it; the real ingredient that gave rise to their actions.

The disciples in their limited knowledge of the things of God, looked at what they could see with their own eyes; a single loaf of bread; to try to understand the meaning in the words of Christ. To clarify His meaning, Jesus reminded them of the miracles He performed on two separate occasions, feeding over 9,000 people with twelve loaves of bread.  Jesus wasn’t speaking of earthly things.  He was speaking of spiritual things. The proof of that which He was, was in the things that He had accomplished before them in the past in their presence.  What further sign did He need to provide to establish His personhood?

The message was in essence a calling to the disciples to examine themselves. The questions His disciples needed to answer and settle for themselves was, “Is He who He says He is?  Can He do what He says He can?  Do you believe or are you still waiting for a sign?”


Sometimes we just have to stop and remember the miracles of our past to remember the promises for the future.


The question we must ask ourselves while we wait for the manifestation of His promises for our future is whether or not we are filled with the leaven of the Pharisees, hypocritically waiting for further proof of the personage and ability of Christ to act on our behalf or do we believe, really believe because we have experienced His love in the past and have seen a mere glimpse of His Almighty power.

At what point in our lives do we stop chasing our tails?  When do we stop straddling the fence?  When do we set aside the hypocrisy? 


What does it take to settle the issue once and for all?  Is Jesus who He says He is?  Can Jesus do what He says He can?  Do I believe His Word?  Do I really believe?

Examine yourself.  Let there be no doubt.  

Do you believe that  Jesus has the ability to do a lot with a little in spite of what you see before you?  Do you really believe that He has a wonderful plan for your life? Remember the grain of mustard seed?

As for me, I know He is able to do exceeding more abundantly than anything I can hope or think.  So I think BIG thoughts and I lift my hands in praise and worship; the true ingredient that gives rise to my actions.  Why?  ‘Cause I believe.


No more chasing tail!   No more straddling the fence!