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All I have to do, is BE.

DSC_0009My Father, My God

If tomorrow I wake, I will live to celebrate the anniversary of the life you have given me.  I am humbled that you have blessed me with so many years. It has been an amazing journey. Not always easy, but amazing.  Truly, I am a kept woman and I am thankful.

Now as I enter into this next season of life, I will walk differently Lord.  I know this because I know I have finally learned what you have been trying to tell me all these years I lived and tried to forge and fight my way through life.  I have learned that all I have to do, is BE.  Just BE.

I know now that to BE means to BE all that you have created me to be.  You, My Father, My God, led me gently, with compassion, to this time in my life. Touching me with the light of your love.  Anointing me; recreating me to BE an extension of you.  No more and no less.

My walk will be different, because I am different.

Now as you are, I am. You are Love. I Am Love!

I am an extension of you!!!!

All I have to do, is BE.

Your daughter, your child.