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Each day that dawns I realize that I am the most blessed of women.  I carry in my heart a precious secret and throughout the day when I need to hear it the most I can summons these words and smile.

“I love you; my daughter, my child.”

I am humbled by this knowledge yet exhilarated. 


His Word is the wind beneath my wings.


 I am DIVA

                                                                                                                                        Divinely Inspired Victorious Anointed

 I am divinely created for a particular purpose.

I am set apart by the Holy Spirit

to exemplify the praises of God.

My life experiences inspire me to seek

a deeper relationship with the Father.

Through Christ, I embrace God’s plan for my life.

As a recipient of the covenant of Abraham,

I am anointed

through the touch of the Father’s hand

To turn the ordinary into the extraordinary!

I am  DIVA

 Divinely Inspired Victorious Anointed


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  1. Day Hill

    Yessss! This was right on time! Thank you mommy!

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