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I have discovered an emotion quite foreign to me.   I am bored.

I have always been able to fill my days whether in the company of another or with my self.  It is a term that I would never allow a child of mind to utter. Now for the second time since I arrived here seven months ago I find myself bored.

It is not that I have nothing I can do it’s just that I have no new challenges to stimulate my mind. What a state of being.

The challenge then that I must conquer is overcoming the state of being called ” bored “.

I have discovered that boredom will cause one to eat more, shop more, do all kinds of things that you would not normally do, just to do something.

I refuse.  I refuse.  I refuse.

I will enjoy this day for all it holds.  I will not cultivate bad habits.  I will not beat myself up about this.  I will not hold others hostage by complaints or expectations.

I will simply be and to be, for me, means to be “Love”.

I’m sharing today.

The cureall for boredom.