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When it’s Right


Through right relationship we find contentment.

Kept by the power of God




Becomes irrelevant

Imagine Love Calling


2 responses to “When it’s Right

  1. Alexis Wilson ⋅

    Love it!! 🙂 and you’re right, everything can be done through God. I am truly a blessed woman to have found such an amazing family. I am blessed to have a mom who I can look up to, a husband who makes me happy and loves me, and a sister who prays for me. Thank you for this. I am a happy blessed woman 🙂

  2. Yes Baby Girl, you are blessed and we do love you. Each time you doubt this, come back to this page and remember…..look at the contentment on your faces and remember how it was the time this picture was taken….now go…be the strong but caring woman God designed you to be….remember and as…All Is Well.

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