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There are times when God is getting ready to move you into your destiny: you have to relive your story so that you won’t repeat the mistakes of the past.

You have to remember the impetus behind your accomplishments to regain the strength and the motivation to remove any deterrents, impediments and obstacles that prevent you from walking in the divine plan God has for your life.

You have to know with certainty that there is one and only one way to get where you’re going. Follow the Rainbow – The word of God – at the end of the rainbow there is a pot of gold.

I wrote my book “Notes to My Daughter…The Rainbow is Enough” because my mother, an abused woman, was not allowed a voice in her day. I wrote about my failures so that my daughter would not have to repeat my mistakes.

It was Christ and Christ alone that brought me through.

Now as I begin this new walk…I know how and I know the way


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    Awesome! Evelyn Brothers you are an incredible WOMAN of COLOR. Luv ya, Akosua Nyamekye55

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