Chasing the Sun

O Lord, how manifold are thy works! in wisdom hast thou made them all: the earth is full of thy riches.

Psalm 104: 24

 If you’re not careful with your life, you can miss the little kisses that God provides each day to remind you of His care for you.  That is one of the reasons why the Marina in Bay Shore was so dear to my heart.  Each morning, at 5:30, I would jump out of bed, throw on the first piece of clothing I could put my hands on, grab my camera and run to the marina to chase the sun breaking forth on the horizon.  Picture after picture I would take, in awe of the variety of paintings my God would display for me. We would be alone, just He and I, until about 6:15; it was as if He was revealing His majesty just for me. I felt privileged when I could capture the sun in all its glory, frustrated when I couldn’t translate what I saw with my camera.

Since Hurricane Sandy, the marina is completely off-limits. Her fury, not only robbed me of my morning rendezvous, it threw me in a state of depression as I searched in vain for another place I could chase the sun.  There are very few places on Long Island where Sandy’s destructive reach has not touched.  But I refuse to grant her the dignity she seeks.  I will not immortalize her in my pictures. I will use my powers for good.

Going to the store this evening to get an essential ingredient to complete dinner, God waited for me to look up.  When I did, I caught a glimpse through the trees of His handiwork in the sky.  Dinner forgotten, I hopped in my car, turned west, my foot heavy on the gas. One hand on the steering wheel and the other hand rummaging through my camera bag, I navigated down the street like a madwoman, impatiently maneuvering through the evening traffic, I chased the sun.  I had to find some clear, unobstructed place to capture the magnificent painting God had prepared for me.  God changes the canvas so rapidly I knew I didn’t have much time.  I came to a bend in the road and pulled over.  Jumping out of the car, motor running, I waited until two cars passed before I could stand in the middle of the road to take this picture.

Kiss from God

Before the sun went down, I was able to drive further west to capture this scene.

I needed to see the sun today.  I needed it’s rejuvenating powers.  I needed this kiss from God.  It’s the little things in life, like the sun setting in the west that remind us of His glory and care.  

I need to chase the sun.  I need to do this because in chasing the sun I find The Son.