Will He or Won’t He


Homless - Aug 6, 2006 001

 In the mist of famine and drought, the Lord sent Elijah, the man of God, to the home of a widow woman who had exhausted all hope of being able to go on. Unable to provide for her family, the widow woman went out to the street looking for sticks to use to prepare the last of all the provisions she had in her house. Her plan was to make one last meal for her son before submitting to death. Nevertheless, in the mist of her despair, at the point when she saw no way out, at the end of her rope, she had an encounter with the man of God and her life was forever changed.

Listen to the seemingly insensitive and selfish demands of the man of God: “Bring me water,”  “Bring me bread”, “Make me a cake first”, “Bring it to me and then feed yourself and your son.”  In the natural, to give your last to a stranger does not make sense. In the natural, to give before providing for your own does not make sense.  Yet, whenever we have an encounter with God, we find that we will immediately, have a decision to make.

The widow woman had to decide whether she would give to the Man of God or keep the little she had for herself.  As she was debating what to do, the Man of God said, “Fear not”.  He promised that if she would give to him first, God would provide for her throughout the time of famine and drought.

An encounter with God, always presents a question of faith.

The widow woman chose to believe the Man of God.  The Bible records that in giving to the Man of God first, she, he and her son was provided for “according to the word of the Lord, which he spake by Elijah.”

I believe Lord!